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We are always interested in predicting everything that probably happen in our lives. Some people are employing some fortune tellers to tell them their future. Will they be more wealthy someday? Whether they can find the right man or woman of their lives or not. Those are several common questions that people want to aske to these psychics. Now, we will play a small quiz and envision the future of custom pens. So why do we need to use promotional pens? Pens are the universal trade show giveaway that almost every corporation want to give the capital on. It is a kind of gift in trade shows, product launches and other promotional affairs.


There are custom pens that have a memory stick on the market already, while there is one high tech pen that has ink but can also chronicle everything that you have written. So, here's my take. These are the thank you gift like custom made pens that I foresee in the future, imparted with technology and devoid of the ink splat. Here are some of the promotional pens that can be written in the future.


Pen Phones


Contrast the phones back in the days to the phones that we have today. The newest models of phone at this age almost have everything except the cords and the party lines. Try to imagine a promotional pen that can also be exhausted to communicate. Isn't it cool to have a pen phone? Now, send SMS by just scribbling down the number and your message on the air and it will automatically send your text to the recipient. The wonder of technology is truly magnificent.


Presentation Enabled Pens


At this moment, there are phones that enables you to do a presentation for a board meetings and class presentations. I can visualize that cheap promotional product like pens can also have the capacity to hold such responsibility. Aside from writing, a presentation doesn't need a projector anymore. Through this high tech personalized pen, you can present you report as clear as if it is projected.

Pens with Internet Ability and High Memory


Everything seems to be hooking up with the Internet. From phones that transformed and continuously transforming, I can envision a cheap giveaway like custom made pen that can also let you surf the web. Visualize a pen with a slim retractable screen where you can navigate the websites that you love by the touch of your finger. You can also incorporate it with a high pixel camera that enables you to take images and upload it on your social networking sites on the spot.


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Using Promotional Pens

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This article was published on 2010/10/08