Save Your USB Pen Drive from Virus

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"Found New Hardware!" – You get to see this message on your desktop every time you plug in any additional hardware or simply a USB pen drive. What do you do next? Just ignore it and start using the drive or let your system / computer scan the entire hard drive first? The procedure is very helpful in scanning and repairing viruses or spywares in your computer.

Although USB pen drives manufacturers have made data transfer and file storage a very easy, quick and stress-free job. This portable device has the capability of storing data up to several times more than conventional floppies or CDs or even DVDs. But the problem arises when it gets infected by a virus or a spyware. You plug-in your pen drive in various computers for data transfer, therefore this damage could happen to your USB pen drive very easily. While fixing the problem, you might loose your valuable data before even preparing a back up file for the same. What next? Here are a few things to remember while using a USB pen drive:

  • While you double click the pen drive (additional hardware under section ‘Devices with removable storage'), a virus gets created with the name of "autorun.inf". This is a ‘read only' file and is hidden on your pen drive. So, first you should fix this problem by customizing administrative templates in the group policy editor. You can access the same by typing "gpedit.msc" in "Run". Turn off the Autoplay and thenyou're your pen drive.

  • Make it a habit to scan the pen drive every time you plug it in. Do not open it with a double click. If it is detected by your computer in ‘F' or ‘G' drive, then simply type ‘F' or ‘G' with your keyboard and open it by pressing the Enter key. You can also access your pen drive by pressing right click of your mouse and clicking on Open.

  • Delete all the suspicious files from your pen drive, which are neither created nor transferred by you. These may be autorun.inf, avi.exe, New Folder.exe etc.

With increasing popularity and affordability of USB flash drives or pen drives, various high profile viruses have been designed specifically to target these drives. USB pen drives are considered as the best target for transferring viruses because these can spread the same from computer to computer very easily.

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Save Your USB Pen Drive from Virus

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This article was published on 2010/09/24