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When you own a business you should be aware what is involved in a successful marketing campaign. You should make note that most commonly the simple campaigns are more successful. For this reason, attempt classic campaigns such as personalised pens.

To be liked the campaign must be well organised. This type of campaign is not always destined to succeed as it is well known. Having some stimulating items in your campaign will increase it's chances of success.

You may be shocked to learn the variety of options available to you when it comes to making a pen more unusual.

The message. Make sure you choose an exciting topic for the marketing campaign. Get advice from a company specialising in promoting business about this. Try and use something stylish. Whichever theme you intend to follow, be sure that it is actual.

The company logo. If you alter the logo too much then people will not be able to identify it. It may be wise to have another example of your logo as a 1/2 colour version and one full colour. Make sure it can be seen. Pens are used all day long by some people so aim to have your logo seen all day long.

Structure. Include interesting shapes in the pen you pick and make sure it is unique and directed towards the target audience. Make sure that the pens are handy and they are easy to use, otherwise they are useless.

This is the majority of factors covered but your campaign could still be made or broke on the small details. You shouldn't cut corners when it comes to price, this could end up costing you in the long run. Stck to metal pens or pencils for a higher class client. This way could end up being more costly, but then again how important are your customers? It is a good idea to appear at shopping centres or malls when promoting your company. If you use different promotional goods you will create more interest in your brand. Ensure they stay with your stand and talk to them about your brand. It's best to hand out promotional pens along with a leaflet with more info about your company. Make sure everything you hand out has your company logo on. Having some good looking girls/boys work on your stand is a great idea. Doing this adds to your image, maybe only for a short time.

Locate some promotional pens that represent your business. If your company deals with children it would not be a good idea to give out metal pens. Also if an accountant is handed a brightly coloured plastic pen it wouldn't be appreciated, the target market has to be taken into account.
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