Promoting Your Company With the Right Promotional Pens

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Choosing the best promotional pens to promote your company or organisation is essential to the success of your campaign. There are pens available to fit well within most budgets. Sometimes the cheapest pens will do fine for your promotion but there are also times when it is important to consider more expensive options.

Think about the last time you stood in the queue at the bank. You most likely will have seen a few freebee cheap pens on display for you to take and use to fill in whatever it was you needed to fill in. The pens most likely had the bank's logo printed on them along with a catchy slogan or web address. These pens are purchased in the thousands. They may not be the best quality in the world but they do server a purpose and they only cost pennies. If you took one home with your, you were probably able to use it for another couple of weeks before it ran dry and the bank's logo was on display with you all along the way. Cheap pens such as these are perfect to outdoor events, large gatherings such as concerts, airline packs or anywhere you want to promote your company to the general public with a useful product they will use when required and be thankful it was there when they needed it.

The next level requires you to dig a little deeper in your pockets but you may still not need to spend an arm or a leg. There are thousands of mid range pens that are very popular for promoting companies large and small. As they are more expensive, it is a good idea to ask for a few samples to see how they write as they should be supplied with larger, higher quality refills. Take some time to use the pens and explore different styles. If you choose the right pen, you may be able to use the same pen style to promote your company to your customers for years to come. A few popular brands to look out for are Senator, Prodir, Bic, Styb and Papermate but there is a huge selection of generic promotional pens that are definitely worth looking at.

Executive pens are the next step up. You may be wondering what exactly classifies a pen as 'executive'. An executive pen is any pen you are happy giving away to your key customers not so much as a promotional tool but as a promotional gift. They need not be expensive! Some of the popular brands to look out for are Cross, Parker, Waterman and Balmain which all supply mid priced pens and quite expensive metal gift pens. There are also a lot of generic less expensive, high quality gift pens that will go down a treat so ensure you take your time choosing gift pens. You may be glad you did.

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Promoting Your Company With the Right Promotional Pens

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This article was published on 2010/03/27