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Personalised promotional pens are pens or pencils which have been printed with a specific logo or advertisement. These personalised pens are generally given away at business meetings such as conferences and exhibitions, and this helps to promote a company to any future or existing customers. Personalised pens can vary hugely in design and many different styles of pen are available to suit any companies requirements.

They can range from a simple low costing £0.08p pen, to a more refined £50.00 deluxe writing instrument. Promotional pens are a great way to promote a company and get them noticed, as pens are very commonly used in all types of industry, indeed they are a necessity, and are often seen lying around in many different places such as desk tops and office cabinets, and will catch the eye of anyone passing by. Pens can be customised to suit customers requirements with any logo, or even message printed on them.

Personalised promotional pens can be of the traditional fountain pen type, or the ballpoint type, with the latter being the more common type of pen in use today. The ballpoint pen is a writing instrument which has a small rolling ball, housed in a socket at the tip, and transfers a viscous ink onto the writing surface. The ball is lubricated by the ink, which moves down a small ink reservoir which is housed within the body of the pen, mainly by the action of gravity. When the pen is not in use the ball that is housed within the socket is not moving, and this seals the end of the reservoir which contains either a spirit double dye, or an oil-soluble dye, and prevents it from drying out.

The ball is usually made from steel, but some pens may have synthetic sapphire balls. The balls in these pens generally have a diameter of 1mm, and most manufacturers use tips of this size. In some ballpoint pens the tip and the reservoir can be retracted into the body of the pen when the pen is not in use, and this can help prevent any further drying out of the tip, and makes it safe to put away into a jacket or shirt pocket etc.There are various mechanism's for extending and retracting the tip of the pen, and these are typically operated by a simple button push at the end of the pen, directly opposite the tip. The ballpoint pen is very economical and easy to use in comparison to the traditional fountain pen, and a single reservoir can last many times longer than a 'filled' fountain pen.

When the reservoir in the ballpoint pen has been depleted it can be replaced, as is the case for deluxe types, or discarded and thrown away if they are of the inexpensive type.

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Personalised Promotional Pens

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This article was published on 2010/04/02