Gradually Move Up The Value To The Collection Pen Name Pen, High Return Gold Pen

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Not long ago, one of the astronomical price of 21,200 yuan Pen Xinjiekou appearance of a mall, this pen could sell so expensive? According to a salesperson introduced only as a pen full of metal materials, and carved and polished by hand made nib is 18K gold. Reporter learned from Shanghai Parker Pen Co., Ltd., this Golden Pen company in 1987, Parker launched to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the establishment of several centennial document in a, limited edition in the world. With models sold in China only this one. Salesperson told us that they here, high above 2,000 yuan Pen Selling an average of every day, and many people buy a home is not given away for collection purposes.

It is understood that the pen collection is currently the Yangtze River Delta and Beijing began sweeping up, play pen many people are aged 50 years or younger, relatively high cultural level, investment has become a collectors pens new " growth pole. "

Name pens, fountain pens high return

A pen collectors to tell journalists that if the investment into the pen for the purpose of collection in the field, must select brand-name products and a gold pen, and general material non-brand varieties should be avoided. In addition, the collection of celebrities use the pen, this approach does not rigidly adhere to collect pen brands and materials, but relatively much more difficult.

The last century, numerous manufacturers producing pen, but the field of access to collections and investment value of the pen does not have many, many of which are world-renowned brands, value and investment value of their Jicang with circulation , survive in the world is closely related to volume and production standards. If the production has a long history of foreign Pike, China proper doors, and rhinoceroses Philip, is the world pen Jicang the pursuit of the object. Currently, the most valuable antique market the old pen has three brands, the twenties and thirties of last century the relations Fleming, Venus and the United States Parker, but the document must be intact. Guan Ming and Le Pen written the old Venus is 50% pure gold, popular pursuit of value ranging from 200-500 yuan.

Golden Pen of return on investment is not low, in October 1998 in London, an auction, one produced in the early 20th century, Parker 38-type snake pen, actually to £ 38,000 transactions. Some years have been for a long time, through use of the "Doctor" and "Huafu" Golden Pen, the current market transaction price of not less than 1000 yuan, the smaller models of individual production does not take a million gold pen could not be.

Pen collectors, according to a description of modern China has a number of local and foreign trade, so many foreigners to stay in the old Parker Pen folk. Currently, a common 18K gold tip the old Parker pen worth has reached 400 yuan, and the selling price is expected to have a more substantial. Previously, the old Parker Pen was "extremely unpopular", and most people do not know what's what. With the enhanced awareness of people's collections, there were many "fans", when overseas Chinese are also involved in collection of Parker Pen, making the old Parker pen worth soared.

It is understood that in February 1990, a Parker Company 1910 "History of benefit? Christi pupil" brand pens with silver, the price of 0.8 million auction in New York. The three 40's made the last century the old pen, only a few dollars at a price, because very few survive in the world volume is Quotation reached a thousand dollars, the early production of 30 brands of pens, PhD, the value is already high above, even the 50's hero, Venus, also has been gradually heated up.

Funded by collectors willing to amend document

Called "pen doctor" Jin Changxing master told reporters that today fewer and fewer people use a pen. Once the broken pen on the throw, and then buy a new one. It probably will not for a few dollars of the pen running repair. But one day, an old man carrying a large fountain pens in 1958, production came to his repair shop. The results, repaired after the gold master told the old man, needs repairs 80. Old man apart from anything else, it paid for. Before leaving, the old man told the gold master, he is a fountain pen collectors.

Gold master that now to repair the pen of the people, mostly pen collectors. Greater than their age pen, and many imported fountain pens before liberation. Now some collectors are blind, the pen is not very understanding and spent 400 dollars but bought a Yijin Bi. Then it will truly knowledgeable gold master to notice, that they deceived the next stop.

Pen collection of knowledge and a large

Pen because of its unique charm to attract a large number of collectors, how to choose a good pen, has become a science.

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Gradually Move Up The Value To The Collection Pen Name Pen, High Return Gold Pen

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Gradually Move Up The Value To The Collection Pen Name Pen, High Return Gold Pen

This article was published on 2010/10/26