Fountain Pens And Great Writers

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It feels a stylish luxury to us today to pick up a favorite fountain pen and begin to write with it, but for many years the fountain pen was the primary writing tool used for business composition as well as creative writing activities.  Anecdotal evidence suggests that the earliest use of a fountain pen was in Egypt in the tenth century.  Hundreds of years later, further experiments were made with using quills to try to fashion a fountain pen, and this stayed in place until the mid-eighteen hundreds.  At this time, ink that flowed freely across the page, gold nibs with iridium tips, and hard rubber were invented, and all of these materials were used by early fountain pen manufacturers to create a fountain pen reminiscent of what we use today.

Writers gravitate toward using fountain pens because they enable a comfortable experience writing, and make the task of writing effortless because the ink is water based and flows very smoothly across the page.  Penmanship and even fancy calligraphy can be emphasized through the use of fine fountain pens, and thus for these reasons not only do writers use them, but also artists.

When you are starting out with looking for fountain pens for sale, you may want to begin with a disposable pen.  They are inexpensive, and give you a sense of what it is like to write with one of these fine writing instruments.  Later on, you may want to select better grade of fountain pens for sale.  There are a host of excellent pens available on the market today, ranging in price from around thirty dollars up to hundreds of dollars for collectors' editions made with precious metals.

Once you have a pen that you like, you can easily buy fountain pen ink refills for your pen.  Ink refills are available in a cartridge style that fits inside the barrel of the pen, but some pens can be used with a converter so that you can dip the pen into an ink well and use it in the traditional style.  When you buy fountain pen supplies, you also likely want to pick up a cleaner, which will help remove excess ink and prepare the pen for storage or even a trip on an airplane, where changes in air pressure can cause a pen such as this to leak if full.  When you buy fountain pen ink, will have the largest selection of ink colors available for any type of pen available today, which is another benefit of making the switch to these special pens.

So join the great writers of yesteryear and today and try one of these marvelous pens soon.

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Fountain Pens And Great Writers

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This article was published on 2010/10/19